UK Disability History Month: 19 November – 22 December

UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) 2018 will focus on Disability and Music.

We want to explore the links between the experience of disablement in a world where the barriers faced by people with impairments can be overwhelming. Yet the creative impulse, urge for self expression and the need to connect to our fellow human beings often ‘trumps’ the oppression we as disabled people have faced, do face and will face in the future. Each culture and sub-culture creates identity and defines itself by its music. ‘Music is the language of the soul. To express ourselves we have to be vibrating, radiating human beings!’ Alasdair Fraser.

The event organisers have prepared 4 posters and a broadsheet to publicise the month


UKDHM Launch Poster 1 (PDF)

UKDHM Launch Poster 2 (PDF)

UK DHM Launch Poster 3 (PDF)

UK DHM Launch Poster 4 (PDF)


UKDHM Broadsheet (PDF version)

UKDHM Broadsheet (Word version)

UKDHM Broadsheet (text only)

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