About Power Up

Power Up offers 100% subsidised bespoke capacity building training, support & events for London’s disability sector. We can help you secure funding, communicate your value, build your profile and strengthen your skills. Power Up is run by Inclusion London and Transport for All with funding from London Councils.

Inclusion London and Transport for All are the capital’s only London-wide Disabled people’s organisations. Through the Power Up project we work with over 200 London disability sector organisations and have built a reputation for delivering innovative, effective and accessible capacity building support for London’s disability sector that is 100% subsidised, accessible, high quality, bespoke and designed and delivered by leaders in the field.

Inclusion London has a proven track record in providing high quality bespoke capacity building training and support to over 90 local Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisations and works with a full range of statutory and voluntary sector providers and policy makers to raise awareness and understanding of Deaf and disability equality issues.

Transport for All (TfA) have been campaigning for a fully accessible transport system in London for over 20 years. They provide training and information for transport providers about the barriers faced by disabled transport users. Their helpline provides transport advice and information to over 2000 disabled and older Londoners per year, and the accessible transport information and news on transportforall.org.uk is read by around 13,000 people every month.

Power Up – Strenghtening London’s disability sector

Presentation on the impact that this project had after its first year.
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